Name: Sanjoy Das


West Bengal school service commission 2012 History pass Question paper.
1.what is the meaning of mohenjo-daro? who discovered archaeological remains?
2.what is the difference between sabha and samiti?
3.what is meant by astangik marga?
4.what is Buddhist sangiti?
5.what was the contribution of Asva Ghosh?
6.from which inscription detailed information about samudra gupta’s conquests could be known? who was its author?
7.what do you know about Kaivarta Revolt?
8.who were the New Musalmans?
9.why was Ziauddin Barani famous?
10.what is Mansabdari system?
11.what is Nurjahan clique? the two Shia kingdoms annexed by Aurangzeb?
13.who were the foreign travelers visited India during Shahjahan’s reign?
14.what is Black Hole episode?
15.what is the importance of the Treaty of Bassein?
16.what is meant by Cornwallis code?
17.who introduced the system of Subsidiary Alliance? who was the first Indian ruler to accept this?
18.who was Titumir?
19.Fort William college was established by whom and why?
20.what were the main Newspapers which played important role during the swadeshi movement in Bengali?
21.why was the Simon Commission constituted?
22.what is Mountbatten Declaration?
23.who was the most famous woman leader in the Freedom struggle and why?
24.what is meant by Letter de Cachat?
25.what is the importance of Code Napolean?
26.what is the significance of the July Revolution?
27.what is known as ‘Seven Weeks War’?
28.why was anti-German Triple Entente constituted?
29.why the treaty of Versailles is called A Dictated Peace?
30.what is meant by the Fourteen points?